Top Recommended tools for Digital Marketing in 2019

Top Recommended tools for Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing tools which works effective in 2019 that coming up.....

What is digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the online promotion platform which offer services likes paid promotion and SEO etc instead of its marketer charge you money.

Top digital marketing tools

For the digital marketing marketer needs some digital tools which helps to drive their digital marketing business. And implement their techniques. We already talk about the digital marketing strategy and techniques now we talk about the tool required for digital marketing.

So let’s Read below.

1. Website Hosting Tool

Digital marketer need a website to handle their orders and give the value to the customers then customers gives back you purchase.
Top web hosting tool in 2019


For the website hosting I recommend bluehost because It provides many different hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting. If you don't know about this hosting then you read this blog I will about all of this.
If you get hosting from bluehost then you don't want to buy a domain name and SSL  certificate because bluehost provide both the features.


If you are in the digital marketing field you should must know about the SEO AND SEM and It is necessary for every digital marketing business. For that you setting your SEO strategy you need a tool which analyse your whole SEO strategies that you implement.
Top SEO &SEM Tool in 2019


For SEO analysis I recommend to use SEMRUSH which provide detail analysis of your website and provide other service like keyword research, paid traffic analysis, etc.
Read a review of SEMRUSH

3. Landing Page Creating Tools

Landing page creating is the main unit of digital marketing because landing page is the creation of marketer to capture leads and create their own audience.
Top landing page creation tool in 2019

# Click Funnel

Click funnel is awesome tool for creating a landing pages It provides very responsive landing pages theme which engage audience to buy the product which marketer promote it also affordable for beginner just try it for 14 days and get the experience about it.

4. Email Marketing Tools.

Email marketing is the main audience of the digital marketer here you target audience according to their previous activities And in digital marketing. You should keep your audience update and engage for that use need email marketing tool.
Top Email Marketing tool in 2019

# Get Response

I have personally use Get Response tool for email marketing Initially this tool provide you a 30 days free trail and after that It have packages  initial package of them is $15 per month I recommend you to start with this pack.
Get Response provides many facilities like automation, CRM, webinars, Landing pages, now they upgrade their landing pages with timers.

5. Course Creating Tool

As a digital marketer to need to provide value to traffic your customer feels that you care about it and for that course creation.
Top course creation tool

# Teachable

Teachable provide a facility to create course for free It charge 5% at the time of selling of course. This tool you can use for creating courses.

Books I Recommend to Read

This book helps you to gain new techniques of digital marketing have a look ones

1.Permission Marketing (Seth Godin)
2. Contagious: Why Things Catch On (Jonah Berger)
4. YOUtility: Why Smart Marketing is about Help Not Hype (Jay Baer)
5. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Robert Cialdini)
6. Epic Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi)
7. Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans, and Followers (Jeff Rohrs)


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